You can now track runs and visualize training with Experiment Management

When: Thursday, July 9 at 10am PT / 1pm PT
SigOpt brought an intelligent approach to hyperparameter solution and now we're doing the same with Experiment Management, our latest innovation for managing the modeling pipeline from feature selection to best model through collaborative and seamless training and tuning, all with just a few lines of code.

You can now track runs, visualize training curves and optimize hyperparameters in a single place with a dashboard of insights every step of the way:
  • Track and Organize Modeling Attributes: Track and organize your training and tuning cycles, including: metrics, parameters, architectures, training or tuning runs and more.
  • Visualize and Compare Runs: Gain intuition on your models that auto populates their performance on your dashboard with customizable visualizations as you train and tune
  • Seamless Training and Tuning: Transition between training and tuning with our fully integrated automated hyperparameter tuning with training run tracking to make this process easily accessible
Use this solution to quickly explore new modeling problems, deeply understand model behavior, and advance the best models into production.

Join us for a live demo as we walk through the functionality of Experiment Management. If you’re interested in learning more, join our private beta to get free access to the product.


Fay Kallel

Fay Kallel is a transformational product leader with a long track record of turning product vision into reality. She intuitively thinks big about opportunities that transcend the market, identifies customer needs and problems, and executes to deliver revenue growth. She is a passionate leader who builds partnerships and inspires action while at the same time is grounded in execution that levers the business.

Fay is leading product management and strategy at SigOpt, she brings two decades of experience incubating and scaling technologies across mobile, e-commerce and advertising industries. Most recently Fay defined and launched Yahoo online media buying SaaS platform, driving billions in revenues and launching global ad marketplaces with advanced targeting models. Prior to that, Fay drove product leadership roles at Adobe, Intellisync, Vodafone and early stage startups.

Fay holds a Masters & Bachelors in Computer Science from Institut Superieur de Gestion, Tunisia. She’s an artist at heart, and finds her inspiration in painting, traveling and cooking world cuisine.