A remote panel discussion on modeling remotely

Date: Thursday, April 16

Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET

Whether you have worked remotely as part of your job or are new to working remotely, how do you model while away from your broader team and set of systems? 

Join us for an open discussion to share tips for modeling remotely and generally banter with a few of your peers. We’ll bring a panel to the party, who will share some of their experience modeling remotely to get the conversation started. We hope you’ll leave armed with a few new habits and feeling energized to tackle the next training run. 

Some topic discussion includes:

  • Communication: Discussion around the when, why, how to communicate
  • Collaboration: Assessment of whether popular “productivity” apps help or hurt
  • Operations: Tooling that can help with access to machines or boost the workflow
  • Balance: Ways to introduce natural breaks without impacting flow
  • Prioritization: How working remotely should impact your project prioritization (or not)
  • Schedule: Considerations for work versus play and everything in between


Jennifer Prendki, Founder and CEO at Alectio 

Oriol Nieto, Staff Scientist at Pandora 

Maria Christoforaki, Software Engineer at Yelp

Tobias Andreasen, Machine Learning Engineer at SigOpt

Rajan Arora, Solution Architect Manager at NVIDIA