SigOpt for Good

Free Access to SigOpt for COVID-19 Researchers

We have been inspired by the societal response to COVID-19 and encouraged by early advances in research that could impact vaccination or treatment of the disease. 

To boost any modeling projects that support these efforts, SigOpt is offering our solution for free to any researcher working on a COVID-19 related modeling project. Use the form on this page to request your free account.

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to the full version of our solution, which includes:

  • Intelligent parameter tuning - supported with Bayesian optimization - for any combination of parameters and models, including machine learning, deep learning and simulations
  • Experiment design using Bayesian methods that are most applicable to physical processes, materials science or drug discovery processes
  • Experiment tracking, management and analysis to uncover novel insights on model training and tuning runs with a collaborative, team-oriented approach
  • Parallelization that helps you take advantage of the full amount of compute at your disposal for your time-sensitive jobs

We hope that our solution helps you gain insight faster for your particular area of COVID-19 research. Email with any questions, concerns, suggestions or successes. And review to get started once you have signed up for an account.

We look forward to supporting your important work.